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  • GP&C OFFERS FREE CONSULTING CALL TO HELP YOU “STOP FLOUNDERING & GET FOCUSED” For growth and success in your business or career

    Do you have a Rubik's cube of ideas in your head of all the things you could do to achieve growth and success in your business or career? Do you find that cube has just too many "blocks" for you to reconcile? Do you start to think about those possibilities over and over but never get to solve the cube? And most importantly, do you find that that wastes your time, makes you anxious and simply wears you out? If so, you are not alone, and that is a condition called “FLOUNDERING”.

    After over 30 years in consulting, coaching, and teaching I have learned that it is not difficult to go from FLOUNDERING TO FOCUSED, but it is simply not intuitive for most people. I have also found that the fastest way to organize your cube is to talk to someone with planning, business and coaching expertise to get you headed in the right direction.

    For that reason, as President of GP&C, I am offering a FREE 1/2 hour coaching session to help you talk through what you are trying to achieve in your business or career and start to get you FOCUSED for action and results

    To take advantage of this “STOP FLOUNDERING > GET FOCUSED” opportunity sign up for our mailing list on this page, call me at 413-243-8008 or email me at


    Changing Careers is always tough but it is even tougher in this weak economy. If you are in a job that is no longer exciting or challenging or rewarding you may feel that you just need to make a change. If you are currently unemployed you may have a short runway before your time and money runs out. In either case a professional coach could help you make faster progress with less anxiety. Here are 6 ways that a professional coach might help in your transition.

    1) VISION The best way to start thinking about a transition is to visualize where you want to end up in the future. A career coach can help you define and articulate that vision so that every step you take will be in a direct line between where you are today and where you want to end up. And coaching provides a unique “safe harbor” during the process because the only interest a coach has is your best interest and everything you say is with full confidentiality.

    2) TRANSFERABLE SKILLSIf you are changing industries you will need to demonstrate that your core skill sets are transferable. Many candidates have been dislocated in this great recession and have not just lost their jobs but their careers. Casualties from the financial sector would be an example. Demonstrating that your core competencies can deliver value in the new sector is key to a successful crossover and a seasoned career coach can assist you in that effort.

    3) DECISION MAKING . Job seekers often have so many ideas in their heads and so many emotions that it is tough to distill them down and make objective choices. An experienced coach has tips and proven tools and techniques to make that process easier. That keeps you moving forward. In these economic times, the first decision to investigate is if there is any opportunity within your existing company or an associated division that would re-energize you and keep the transition internal and low risk. Coaching can also provide value once you are set in your new position, helping you to think through new decisions with a seasoned professional in your corner.

    4) NETWORKING . Hiring decisions are often made before the job posting ever hits the street so networked connections can be a valuable vehicle in finding an opening. Networking is a skill that can be learned and good coaches can offer guidance on the process.

    5) RESUME DEVELOPMENT. We have extensive business experience and know which resumes WE would put in the "follow up" pile. They are the ones that combine research on the goals of the hiring company with the value that you can bring to help achieve them. Too many resumes focus on all the things that the candidate has done, without quantifying the impact that those tasks delivered for the company. A career coach can help you see the difference.

    6) CONTRACT NEGOTIATION . Negotiating contract details is a sensitive issue but making sure that commitments are in writing and gaining approvals for small add-ons are possible and advantageous. Career coaches with experience in hiring can be a valuable resource in this area.

    Hopefully these points will help you determine if engaging a professional coach would be valuable in YOUR transition.



    Q-4 2014

    October 2, 2014: Boston Small Business Trade show, Hynes Convention Center. GP&C will be exhibiting at the Boston Small Business Trade Show at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. Bill Bean will also be speaking at noon there in a presentation called "Build a Quick, Convincing Business Plan that Delivers: Confidence, Capital, Market Share and More. We hope to see you there. For more info contact

    October 25 & 26, 2014: Speaking engagement at Connecting For Change Conference Bill Bean of GP&C and Ryan Harb of Beyond Sustainability Consulting will co-present at the 10th annual Bioneer's "Connecting for Change" Conference in New Bedford, MA put on by the Marion Institute. Ryan is a permaculture expert from MA who led the permaculture initiative at UMass that earned a White House award presented personally by President Obama in 2012. Bill and Ryan have partnered in transforming ideas for permaculture and other sustainability initiatives into succinct compelling business plans that gain endorsement from leadership in businesses and universities. The 90 minute workshop will provide both the technical aspects of successful permaculture and sustainability projects and the business language to articulate them. For more info contact

    October 26-29: AASHE Conference, Portland Oregon: As an extension of the GP&C consulting and planning engagements with UMass, Amherst, the Chicopee, MA school system, Western Connecticut University and Santa Barbara City College in CA, Bill is attending the annual conference of the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) in Portland in October. If you are planning to attend and/or want more information contact

    Q-1 2015

    January 2015: Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Planning course at Clark University's Graduate School of Management in Worcester, MA. As an adjunct professor Bill Bean of GP&C will be teaching a 3-credit course entitled "Corporate Sustainability Strategy (MGMT 5900)". This is the 3rd offering of this master’s level course. Classes will be held 9 AM to 5PM on 6 Saturdays throughout the semester with specific dates to be determined. For more information email:

    March 4-8: Second annual international Permaculture Voices "PV2" conference in Sandiego CA. Bill Bean will be speaking and will conduct a 3-hour workshop at the conference. Specific times to be determined. For more info contact

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